Thursday, 2 January 2014

Short Shadows; Long Days

Photography can be a frustrating hobby at the best of times. Motivation to get out and take images ebbs and flows. The harsh Australian summer sun makes for the perfect photo mood-killer. Where the northerly winter sun makes it presence felt from a distance, casting long shadows all day, the summer sun is as subtle as an American tourist visiting China. While shadow play is one of my favourite photographic games, summer effectively kills it, leaving me to think about annoying things like composition.

Daytime shadows look like they've been rendered by a Nintendo 64, leaving people looking like NPCs in Goldeneye 007 - a vague hint of a darkened circle underneath their feet standing in for a more complex shadow.

Trent Parke seems to somehow make a living out of harsh Australia light. Good luck to him.

Sure, there are sometimes longish shadows, but they are usually a feature of diminishing light between 7-8:30am or 6-7pm. Then the mosquitoes come out.

Still, I'm told it's "nice" weather.

Bring on winter.

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