Thursday, 9 January 2014

Hasselblad Helpers

Who buys a single roll of 120 film any more?

Oh, you did? Well I guess there's always one, but did it come in an individual box? Probably not. There seems to be a severe shortage these days of individually boxed single rolls of film. It is cheaper for camera stores and most of us to buy pro packs of 5 rolls. The problem is that this usually means there are no tear-off tabs to stick in the holder on the back of yer Back to remind you what film is in the camera.

Hasselblad Helpers - Film Tabs for your Hasseblad film back

Consider this PDF a service to the film photography community. I call it a "Hasselblad Helper" although may be compatible with other 120 and/or 35mm cameras. The good quality tabs were extracted from official PDFs, the less quality ones were traced from scans. The Ektar one is just plain shitty. Apologies for that. At least it's the same as the emulsion. Also there's no Velvia 50 as I couldn't find a suitable box. Soz.

You might have magical powers of memory magic and always remember by way of some mnemonic device which back contains what film, but if you've ever shot a roll of Provia 100F thinking you were shooting Tri-X 400, you make sure you tab your back correctly.

Download the Hasselblad Helper here.

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