Friday, 8 December 2017

Credit Where Credit is Due...and Nowhere Else

Malcolm Turnbull was in high spirits the morning after the same-sex marriage vote. ABC News: Matt Roberts

For those who say today showed the 'best' of our Parliament, it did not. They abrogated their responsibilities for craven political purposes. Even with the vast majority of the electorate behind him, the Prime Minister couldn't find a spine to vote NO to the hateful and hypocritical amendments put forward by the regressive 'conservatives' of his own party.

In his final spar with Leigh Sales for the year — unfortunately this interviewer/interviewee combo has jumped the shark and can serve no further purpose aside from meta entertainment — Turnbull said he was "so proud" the legalisation of same-sex marriage had occurred during his prime ministership.

That's a bit like saying "I'm so glad there have been more sunny days in Sydney this year under my leadership". His leadership on this matter has been non-existent and same-sex marriage has occurred not because of him, but despite him. If his leadership wasn't terminal in the eyes of the average centrist voter, this is likely the final confirmation they need that this PM stands for nothing except for his own preservation.

Remember, parliamentarians went out of their way to avoid doing their one job: voting on legislation. This could have been resolved in days, not months, saving tens of millions of dollars and the untold (and unmeasured) pain from vitriol hurled at the LGBTIQ community — they will be counting that cost for a long time to come.

But now those delusional (mainly) old, white 'conservatives' will reap what they have sown, with a thousands of newly-enrolled younger voters ready to give them the toss at the next election. They have trashed the institutions that, as 'conservatives', they should trying their best to conserve. They deserve everything they will receive.

To those who have championed this cause — inside the parliament and out — I salute you, particularly those who have fought the eternal intransigence of the antediluvians in your midst. You deserve to cheer and celebrate, without spineless blow-ins jumping on the bandwagon.

Like most Australians, I am truly delighted with the outcome, but I am dismayed by the process. Now run along and get married — it's pretty great.

Edit: oh and I forgot to say this — eat shit, Lyle.

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