Tuesday, 1 August 2017


As God once implored, "GET ON WITH IT!!"
I — and most Australians — am over the continuing “debate” over marriage equality. I say “debate” because it’s really just an excuse for a bunch of old, white, conservative homophobic men to explain why their old, white, conservative and homophobic attitudes aren’t actually any of those things. It’s not about homophobia, it’s about God. Or freedoms. Or, somewhat counterintuitively, rights. Or the Decline of Western Civilisation. Or the slippery slope that will somehow lead to people marrying donkeys, human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria!!

I’m not even here to put forward my opinion on the issue of marriage equality — at this point it doesn’t matter — rather I wanted to highlight the absurd position the Old White Conservative Homophobes have put the institution of the Parliament in.

Put simply, I have never seen a group of people try so hard to avoid doing their job. As elected parliamentarians, they have (almost) literally one job: voting on legislation.

These delusional conservatives have twisted themselves in Gordian knots trying to argue that, while parliament has no problem making laws that deal with life and death issues, they should not use their One Power to change the Marriage Act.

According to the very definitely not homophobic mostly white mostly male MPs against marriage equality, changes to the Marriage Act must be sent back to “the people” for their consent through an expensive and unnecessary plebiscite…one which wouldn’t even be binding on said MPs. This process is unlike any other change to law (except changes to the Constitution itself).

Never mind the fact that the Marriage Act has already been unnecessarily and cynically amended through a standard parliamentary vote by the Howard Government to specifically exclude same-sex couples from it in 2004.

This batch of delusional conservatives could be better defined as “reactionaries”. Through their actions (or inactions), they are undermining, rather than conserving, traditional institutions (such as the parliament) by outsourcing their Constitutional responsibility.

Why, aside from a party room pledge, does *this* legislative amendment have to go back to "the people" for their say, dear Delcons? Why not establish a plebiscite to seek a mandate for other changes to law that are incredibly divisive? Oh, because that's not how the Westminster system which you "conservatives" hold in such high esteem works?

Meanwhile, the rest of the Australian population (and dare I say, God himself) is just yelling out “GET ON WITH IT!!!”…

The Delcons of the Liberal and National parties will no doubt continue to tie themselves in knots trying to justify why they can't do their one job...and by the time they've untied themselves, they'll find themselves in opposition with a two term legacy of getting absolutely nothing done.

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