Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Misspellings, misconceptions and non-sequiturs from Liberal supporters on social media

Indisposed with a small, crying, teething 6-month-old human at home, I am less involved in this election than campaigns past.

But being the agile and innovative entrepreneurial individual I personally myself am, I am utilising technology as my conduit to the outside world.

In that spirit of the zeitgeist, I present my first collection of dazed and confused Liberal supporters on Facebook.

Today, we celebrate our Independance Day.


I don't make the rules, King O'Malley does.

IE GST WTF also punctuation is overrated It was really cold this morning My cats breath smells like cat food

This one's strange, particularly considering s.116 of the Constitution.

Them gona make halal go too funding terrists
More to follow...

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