Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Writing Feedback to Apple

Apple of Cupertino, California have a wonderful feedback portal I have been known to frequent/abuse. Particularly with recent software and hardware releases that have made my mind explode with how obtuse they are, like being on 6-figure salaries automatically makes you unable to understand the basics of UX and UI design.

Apple claims that they "read all feedback carefully", but "cannot respond to the comments you submit". Which is kind of strange considering they ask for an email address...anywhom. I've had enough of iTunes 12.

iTunes used to be one of the preeminent music managers out there, a pleasant minimalist solution among a market dominated by graphical gunk like Sonique and Winamp. Now, however, with the inclusion of the iTunes Store, Apple Music, Podcasts, Music, eBooks and other associated crap no one ever uses, it has become a bloated, engorged, horribly-designed piece of shit mandatory for the Apple ecosystem. I would have done away with it long ago if it weren't for the the iPhone and iPad. So I decided to voice my opinion in the hope Apple will "read all feedback carefully":

Subject: Make iTunes 13 less terrible

iTunes 12 is terrible. It forgoes any logic and rationality that used to be a hallmark of Apple software and hardware. Bring back the sidebar for starters. Separate Apple Music (assuming there are still paying subscribers) and look to Spotify and Netflix for how to do a streaming media application properly. There is a lot else that is terrible, but if you could do this ONE thing, it would go about 12% of the way to making iTunes not suck. Please, please, PLEASE make iTunes automatically remember the last thing it was you were doing or playing or whatever and open from there. Please. Every other application – from Safari to Microsoft Word 2011 to VLC – is capable of this. Please make iTunes do this. It's really not that freaking hard. Don't tell me I can select individual tunes and go "reme

At this point, I had run out of characters. Disappointing to be sure. For the benefit of you lucky How To Democracy readers, I'll complete what I was going to say:

...mber playback position". That is a joke. An absurd joke. Normal media players can do it without changing every. single. individual. track. Why can't iTunes? iTunes used to be cool; it used to be a "killer app". It is now an app that should be killed. [see what I did there?] I hope for Apple's sake, iTunes can be unstuffed, because at the moment it stands for everything that is wrong with a once great company.

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