Friday, 3 July 2015

Atheist Genocide Fallacy

The "Atheist Genocide Fallacy" can work for both political friends and foes
The Daily Telegraph, Australia's least trusted major newspaper, has often indulged in colourful bias-ridden front pages. One cover from March 2013 compared the then-Communications Minister Stephen Conroy to genocidal dictators such as Stalin and Mao owing to Conroy's support for modest reforms to media standards.

If there's one thing News Corpse papers love to do, it is to bang on about threats to "freedom" when their own interests are at risk. The silence of the Murdoch papers has been deafening as the Abbott government has eroded freedoms and the norms of our liberal democracy.

It must be frustrating for News Corpse's assorted right-wing demagogues (clattering away furiously on 1000 typewriters to fill the opinion pages) that the ABC remains the most trusted media outlet in Australia.

However, I note on the same poll that Internet Blogs are the least-trusted media...still, not that far behind talk-back radio. The only way is up!

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