Friday, 12 June 2015

Bad Wireless Reception

Tony Abbott's comments yesterday about those "visually awful" wind farms was, as usual, about as well thought out as a drunken brawl on King St. Obsequious as ever with Alan Jones, Abbott also alarmingly found himself agreeing with the haranguer-in-chief on the "potential heath impacts" of wind farms. Ugh.

So basically, 'our' PM (by 'our', I mean the person who has been elected by the 1% to represent the federal division of Warringah and by some cruel stroke of fate was elected leader of a bunch of antediluvian flat-earthers who hold, due to an electoral collective fit, a majority of seats in the House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Australia) has joined such distinguished and reputable company as anti-vaxxers, moon landing hoaxers, 9/11 truthers, grassy knollers and NWO patriots.

On the plus side, Abbott's proven he'd make as good a Minister for Science as he does Minister for Women.

To be fair to Abbott though, he's not the only 'leader' to bow down like this before the king of the radio diatribe. Leaders and identities from both major parties were and are far too deferential to 2GB's hyperactive gerbil and his legion of prejudiced and panicked long time listeners, first time callers.

In some ways, I can't blame them, it's called "The Alan Jones Breakfast Show" for a reason; agree with the host or be subjected to a 20 minute diatribe on why you're an idiot or should drown at sea. But politicians are leaders and should not be afraid to occasionally, heaven forbid, lead.

But leaders of both major parties are obsessed with occupying the middle electoral ground, too afraid to tell a caller that they are wrong, ill-informed or just plain racist. It's all thoughtful nodding and reassuring noises, validating Rex from Rooty Hill's assertion that all 'them Asians' are taking 'the homes', 'the jobs' and their 'way of life'. Oh to sit in the booth and say "Well, you sound like a bigoted fuck. Next caller pls."


But there was one...

(honourable mention to Malcolm Turnbull's post-budget appearance with the Tiradenator, the best performance of contemporary talkback to date)

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