Monday, 1 June 2015

Andrew Bolt Does Angry Spear-Throwing Masturbation Act

Andrew in fine form doing...what? I'm not exactly sure. But he's got his war face on. He's clearly enjoying it.

In the aftermath of Adam Goodes' boisterous post-sports points scoring celebration, Bolt joins other luminaries of the Internets complaining about the "reverse racism" that abounds in the AFL etc., with logic like: "if i done this wot Adam Goods is done id be told im a raceist (sic)", or my personal favourite, "im not raceist but I don't like him becoz hes arrogant" and then proceed to talk about race at every opportunity.

There are many similar arguments out there. If you have hope for the future, don't read any public opinion on it. Just read the Chris Graham's brilliant article published on the New Matilda.

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