Saturday, 1 November 2014

Leader-ing the Way

Murdoch's stable of local 'Leader' newspapers again showed why they are completely irrelevant very important with a great piece front-page 'journalism'.

Conservatively headlined "DANGER ZONES" (I can't link directly - News Corpse wants me to sign up for the privilege of sharing the permanent URL of their 'stories') , Laura Jolly's piece about speed cameras outside school zones takes the fight to speeding drivers who would dare put out little ones at risk by driving at more than 40km/h outside schools (btw 43km/h=instant death).

Just in case you, humble reader, are confused by News Corpse's weathervane attitude to speed cameras, their traffic camera style-guide/editorial thought policy manual goes something like this:
  • speed cameras on freeways and highways = revenue raising, bloody guv'ment
  • speed cameras near 6 lane school zones even where there are ample crossings and pedestrian bridges for children = justified for our precious little ones, would somebody please think of the children, why isn't the guv'ment doing anything to protect the little ones?

But the most brilliant piece of this story isn't even Laura's Januscian take on the whole speed camera bit, it's a quote from Senior Sergeant Brad Peters of Nunawading highway patrol:

“People don’t give school zones the due consideration they should be giving them,” Sen-Sgt Peters said.
“They’re placing such a precious resource as our children at risk by disregarding school zones.”

Sen-Sgt Peters seems to be confusing children with oxygen, fresh water or gold. That or he's swallowed the neoliberal justification (used by both Labor and Liberal) for public education that the whole reason we have schools is to develop productive inputs for the economy.

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