Thursday, 16 October 2014

Would somebody please think of the children?

While our political leaders wage war on one "death cult" overseas, another has been welcomed warmly to Melbourne.

The city is host to the International Convention of Jehovah's Witnesses, a millennial cult who believes destruction of the earth is imminent and that "No Door Knocking" stickers exist merely for decoration.

It is believed up to 70,000 will attend events held at Dockland's Etihad Stadium which include re-enactments of Bible stories and immersion baptisms.

While adults are more than welcome to enter into the suspension of logic and reason known as 'faith', what is concerning is the number of JW adults with purple-lanyarded kids in in tow.

Like a mother drinking and smoking while pregnant, these kids have no choice but to be inflicted with the bad choices of their parents.

What should be the most wondrous and eye-opening formative years of young lives becomes nothing more than indoctrination in a faith which considers independent thought a concept "introduced by Satan the Devil".

Hey, JWs, great parenting, setting your kids up to succeed at anything in life, so long as it's theological school.

JWs don't have evidence for this claim against independent thought. Like most religions, they don't have evidence for any of their claims, just a divine directive from on high. Still, that doesn't stop them using the scientific advances of free thinkers everywhere, such as jet aircraft and the Internet, to gather in Melbourne from all around the world to advance their asinine cause.

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